CD Available from Tap Music

1. Subtle Dialogues for Bassoon and Percussion
Salvador Brotons
Gary Cook, percussion

Suite for Bassoon and Piano
Richard Faith
2. Allegro
3. Andante cantabile
4. Allegro
5. Lento expressivo
6. Vivace
Rex Woods, piano

Scenes from the Apocalypse
A ballet for English Horn, Bassoon, and piano
Barbara Wesby
7. Scene 1: The Song of the Two Prophets
8. Scene 2: The Beast from the Abyss
9. Scene 3: Rumors and Bells at the Prophets’ Death
10. Scene 4: The World Dances for Three Days
11. Scene 5: The Fourth Day; The Dance Falls Apart
12. Scene 6: The Resurrection of the Prophets
13. Scene 7: The Prophets’ Song of Ascension
David Busch, English horn
Paula Fan, piano

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano
Brady McElligott
14. Prelude
15. Canon
16. Rondo: “Christ ist erstanden”
Paula Fan, piano

17. Nocturne for Bassoon and Harp
Allan Blank
Carrol McLaughlin, harp

18. Swamp Song for Bassoon and Electronic Tape
Michael Burns